Dear compatriots! – „Where have the gasification (or also the murder) of 6 million (or also only some million) of Jews taken place?“

Dear compatriots!

„Where have the gasification (or also the murder) of 6 million (or also only some million) of Jews taken place?“

Since five years I am waiting in vain for the reply to this question. What actually has caused me to this question? After all the “Holocaust” is just obvious?
Until today it is generally assumed: Auschwitz was a main scene for the gasification of millions of Jews. But this became more and more questionable within the last 25 years.

First of all by the reduction of number of victims by the memorial Auschwitz itself – from four to about one million victims. The replacement of the old memorial plaque through a new one could be seen in the news on TV by all citizens (ZDF – News on October 8th, 1993). An explanation or even an excuse for the wrong suspicions of the German people didn’t follow.

Secondly by the publication of a leading editor Fritjof Meyer from the Spiegel – Magazine in the journal Osteuropa (East Europe) where in Auschwitz itself no gasifications would have taken place and the number of victims in Birkenau was presumably 356,000. A prosecution because of incitement of people didn’t take place.

Thirdly by the Institute of Time History – an official institution – in the year 2000 -published LOCATION AND HEADQUATERCOMMANDS for Auschwitz 1940 – 1945, which clearly spoke of a labor camp for the armaments industry but not of an annihilation camp (all references can be obtained in the internet).

At the latest now a public correction and retrial of all criminal cases by paragraph 130, incitement of people, section 3 Criminal Code, should have to be expected. But nothing happened. Still in spring 2014 a young judge declared: “It is an offense to call the obviousness of the gasification of a majority of six million Jewish victims into question.” So for every thinking person the inevitable question arises: Where is the scene of the crime? This decisive question has been asked repeated once again in the last six years to:
the Council of Jews in Germany (three times),
German Association of Judges,
the Attorney General,
the Attorneys General of the Countries,
the Regional Court Presidents and the Court of Appeal Presidents
and now to the Federal Minister of Justice.

Obviously nobody knew where the gasification of millions of Jews could have taken place. This lead only to one conclusion: The Holocaust did not exist!

Because this murder should be obvious – as the courts never became click here tired to declare until today – a secrecy order could also not be quoted. The retreat to a drastic reduced number of victims was also excluded because in this case it wouldn’t have been a “single” crime anymore. Just think of the Rheinwiesenopfer (victims – PoW’s of the Rhinewiesen) after the end of war, of Dresden, Hiroshima or the millions of victims of expulsion from the German East.

Dear compatriots: The Holocaust did not exist!

We are standing helpless and horrified before a hardly unbelievable event. Seventy years the German people was denounced in a public way as the people’s greatest criminal of all time and his once cheered Führer Adolf Hitler as the devil anyhow.
Confessions were forced out by torture because nobody admitted to have heard something about Holocaust or to have experienced something like this in a concentration camp.

Now it becomes also understandable why a paragraph 130 Criminal Code against incitement of people was required which put the unbelief of the Holocaust under punishment and why also all hearings of evidence from the side of the accused were smashed down. One can only prove what has happened. The evidences would have proved only the non-existence.

If we consider the world policy after 1945 it becomes clear that the Holocaust is the biggest and most lasting lie in the history. It became necessary for the at last completion of the striving world domination of the chosen People since centuries. It was promised to THOSE by their God Yahweh and they believed in the faithfully promise – as we call them now Zionists, Khazars, Oligarchs or Globalizer. Already World War I and World War II were a preliminary stage for it. From the point of view of THOSE understandable – but from the French, Swiss or German view?

Why German judges whose independence is guaranteed in the constitution have taken part in this matter?
Why have Public Prosecutors who should have to represent the Federal Republic of Germany (actual the German state) brought a charge in the interest of Israel?
Why have all university historians refused unanimous to waive on the freedom of research – also guaranteed by constitution?

And this poor, re- educated, fed with lies German people? Will it now come out in an indignant way against those who want to take away its firmly rooted belief?

Will it be ready and able to CHANGE ONE’S VIEWS?

The Greeks used to lay down such serious questions on the knees of the devines.

I likewise do.

Ursula Haverbeck