Central Council of Jews in Germany | An answer to the question, where the six million Jews were gassed…

Ursula Haverbeck

July 11th, 2014

At the
Central Council of Jews in Germany
c/o Mister Dieter Graumann
Tucholsky Street 9
10117 Berlin


Re: An answer to the question, where the six million Jews were gassed, after Auschwitz
as a scene of the crime for the annihilation can not be uphold anymore.
Dear members of the Central Council of Jews in Germany!

I would like to repeat my question to you with all the emphasis once again: „Where have the six million Jews been gassed with Zyklon-B?“
(Enclosure 1)

It is true that you as well as me know exactly that it is allowed to the Jews to deceive and to cheat the Gojim, however this is only permitted as long as it doesn’t harm the Jews themselves.
(Enclosure 2)

If you cannot prove the gasification of the six million Jews forensically and verifiable, this will harm your reputation then. If you cannot prove it because it was – expressed distinguished – a huge exaggeration, then only a public correction with recompensation and excuse is left for you, hoping that you click here still can reckon on the Christians under the Gojim, who know forgiveness and mercy. Otherwise, you need to look only at the Thora what kind of penalty Yahweh threatens to the apostates.

Every further evasion to reply this fundamental question will lead into a disaster for the Jews. Think about it properly what now is demanded from you.

Enclosure 2: Der Juden Götterglaube und Geschichte
Die Bürde von 3.000 Jahren (Israel Shahak)
Vorwort von Gore Vidal: „Shahak ist ein hervorragender
Gelehrter mit bemerkenswertem Einblick
und fundiertem Wissen. Sein Werk ist kenntnisreich
und scharfsinnig, ein Beitrag von großem Wert.”
(Noam Chomsky)

Signed Ursula Haverbeck

Note from the translator:

Enclosure 2: The Jew’s belief in gods and history
The burden of 3,000 years (Israel Shahak)
Foreword of Gore Vidal: “Shahak is an excellent scholar with a remarkable insight
and founded knowledge. His work of literature is knowledgeable
and perspicacious, a contribution of high value.”
(Noam Chomsky)

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